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Using AVnews you may:

  1. Upload prices on any product in the database - help your AV-friends find the lowest possible price!
  2. Upload reviews on any product in the database - share your knowledge with the AV-community!
  3. Find the product you are looking for using our powerful search-engine!
  4. Compare specs from up to four products from your search result at a time!

Uploading products

You may easily upload the products YOU want to show. Users may also post the lowest price they have found manually, as described below.


Uploading prices

Members or dealers may post prices manually on any item. You may post prices from webstores located in any part of the world, regardless of the geographical area in which the product origins. Please ensure that the dealer accepts international deliveries in addition to ensuring that the product has the correct product-code and specifications (for example a 220 volt European edition should not have prices applied on American 110-volt editions of the product).


Geographical areas

AVnews is divided into geographical areas, as AV-products still have localized specifications (PAL/NTSC-tuners, 110/220 volt etc.). By default, you are only a member of the geographical area chosen when joining AVforum. You may choose which countries you want to display prices from HERE (req. login). By default, prices from all countries are shown.


Links to myHT/myHiFi

Presentations on myHomeTheater and myHiFi containing the corresponding product-code will also be shown on AVnews, allowing users to view the product live in a fellow members home!


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