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  1. Technology starts to rule the world..starting from simple items used daily!

    So many smart inventions nowadays! Smart-phones, smart-watches, what's next? Smart wallets?
    Apparently yes. With so many on offer it's difficult to decide which one is the best. My current favourite is the Thorne Wallet..have you seen it yet? In my humble opinion it has the best specs on the market..and built-in powerbank, tracker and wi-fi are just the beginning...what do you guys think? Do you have favourite smart wallets?
  2. Use Brave Frontier Hack To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

    Wii video games are designed with player interaction in mind, so cheating to get an unfair advantage is kind of missing the point. It really makes no sense to start punching in cheat codes just for the sake of it, because by removing the skill and interaction from a game you have nothing left.It's best to avoid using cheat codes on the Wii if you can, but every now and again it's worth using a code if you get really stuck ...
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